Important Dates

- 18 March 2024: Final deadline for submission of provisional full paper

- 11 March 2024 (extended from 26 Feb): Submission of provisional full paper

- 6 May 2024: Notification of acceptance (moved from 22 April due to the extension of the call for papers)

- 23 June 2024: Submission of final full paper (moved from 10 June)

Presentation of Papers

Provisional full papers should be prepared using the IEEE conference template. The sub-mission length of provisional full paper is limited to 6 pages.

During paper submission in ConfTool ECCE Europe 2024 the topic and sub-topic (up to three topics / sub-topics) should be selected. Furthermore, it should be made a preference for dialogue (poster) or lecture (oral) presentation during the paper upload. However, the final decision is up to the organization committees based upon the final composition of the sessions.

The final paper might contain up to 8 pages.

You can update your paper in the ConfTool until the submission deadline!

IEEE conference paper templates (please use A4 format and hand it in via the ConfTool)

ConfTool ECCE Europe 2024 for handing in papers, tutorials and registration to the conference


Major topics include

I. Components


1. Power Devices, Components and Packaging

a)Passive Components

b)Active Devices and Components (Si)

c)Active Devices and Components (Wide Bandgap and other New Materials)

d)Components and Devices for Specific Applications

e)System Integration, Packaging & Thermal Management

f)Gate Drives


2. Power Converters Topologies

a)Modular Multilevel Converters

b)Solid State Transformers

c)Grid-Tie Converters

d)Resonant Converters

e)HF Power Converters

f)Wide-Band Gap Power Electronics

g)EMI/EMC including HF Phenomena


3. Converter Modelling, Simulation and Design

a)Converter Design and Optimization

b)Converter Modelling

c)Standardized Data Model for Components / Electronic Data Sheets


4. Measurement, Supervision and Control for Power Converters

a)Advanced Modulation Techniques

b)Advanced Current / Voltage / Synchronization and Control Techniques

c)Estimation, Identification and Optimization Methods

d)Measurement Techniques, Sensors, and State Observers


5. Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Communication

a)Data Analysis Applied to Power Electronics and Drive Systems

b)Application of Artificial Intelligence to Power Electronics and Drive Systems

c)Communication for Power Electronics and Drive Systems

d)Wireless Control of Power Electronics Systems

e)Diagnostics of Power Electronics Systems

f)Digital Twin of Power Electronic Converters and Systems

g)Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Energy Conversion


6. Sustainability of Power Converters

a)Energy and Carbon Footprint Estimation of Converter Manufacturing and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

b)Estimation of Efficiency and Power Losses during Operation

c)Recycling Capability and Methods

d)Efficient of Use of Material, esp. Rare Materials

e)Circular Economy

f)Condition Monitoring, Reliability & Life-Time Prediction

II. Applications


7. Electrical Machines and Drive Systems

a)Electrical Machines and Actuators

b)Adjustable-Speed Drives and Converter-Machine Interactions (dv/dt, Bearing Currents)

c)Design, Optimization and Control of Electrical Drives

d)Condition Monitoring and Life-Time Prediction of Drives


8. Renewable Energy Power Systems

a)Wind Energy Systems

b)Solar Energy Systems

c)Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Energy

d)Energy Management Systems

e)Energy Harvesting


g)Other Renewable Energy Systems


9. Power Electronics in Transmission and Distribution Systems

a)HVDC, FACTS, Solid State Transformers and Hybrid Circuit Breakers

b)Grid Supporting and Grid Forming Converters

c)Smart Grids

d)AC and DC Distribution and Micro Grids, including Fault Coordination and Protection

e)Power Quality Issues and Power Factor Correction

f)Stationary Charging Power Stations and Stationary (Ultra) Fast Chargers, Bidirectional V2G

g)Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings

h)Real-Time Simulation and Hardware in the Loop


10. E-Mobility and Propulsion Systems

a)Electric Drive Trains for Passenger and Light Duty Vehicles

b)Electric Drive Trains for Heavy Duty Vehicles and Buses

c)Electric Drive Trains for Rail Vehicles

d)Electric Drive Trains for Aerospace Applications (Aircrafts, Drones)

e)Electric Drive Trains for Marine Applications (Offshore, Subsea and Ships)

f)On-Board Chargers (wired)

g)Wireless Power Transfer Systems

h)On-Board DC-Voltage Networks

i)Smart Charging and Vehicle to X (Home, Load) Interaction

j)Batteries: Management Systems (BMS), Monitoring and Lifetime Prediction (SOC, SOH)

k)Fuel Cells: Converters, Control, Diagnostics and System Integration

l)Power Electronics for Vehicle-Integrated PV (VIPV)


11. Power Supplies and Industry-Specific Applications

a)Stationary Battery Systems, Electrolyzer and Fuel Cells

b)DC Power Supplies

c)Distributed Power Supplies

d)Data Centers

e)Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

f)Solid-State Lighting and Electronic Ballasts

g)Industry-Specific Applications (Cement, Steel, Paper, Textile, Mining, etc.)

h)Applications in Physics Research and Related Areas

i)Home Appliances (Inductive Heating, HVAC and Heat Pumps)

j)Biomedical Applications

k)DC-Grids in Industrial Applications

l)Pulsed Power for Manufacturing

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