Welcome to ECCE Europe 2024

In 1883, at the time of Nicolas Tesla and Thomas Edison, Erasmus Kittler founded the world’s first Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Darmstadt. More than 140 years later, we are all the more pleased and excited to welcome experts in power electronics from industry and science to ECCE Europe 2024 in the “City of Science” Darmstadt.

The energy system is being restructured worldwide in order to limit the accumulating greenhouse effect and to make sure we can use the remaining natural gas and oil reserves for higher-value products such as plastics and medicines in the future. Electrical energy, its generation from renewable sources and conversion, play a key role for some decades now, with a massive increase into further sectors such as transportation, construction, manufacturing and heating and cooling. We are in the midst of an electric age.

"Our" power electronics provides a fascinating, versatile and efficient technology for the conversion and transmission of electrical energy. We can be proud and satisfied that we can and may actively contribute to prosperity and well-being of mankind with our technology.

We look forward to exciting discussions, insights and experiences at ECCE Europe 2024!


With electrifying greetings
General Chairs

Gerd Griepentrog

Óscar Lucia

General Chair

Prof. Gerd Griepentrog
Institute for Power Electronics and Control of Drives
Technical University Darmstadt



Prof. Óscar Lucia
Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications
University of Zaragoza


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